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Apple HomePod Space Grey MQHW2B/A

Apple HomePod Space Grey MQHW2B/A with Apple warranty


Apple HomePod Space Grey MQHW2B/A with Apple warranty

Apple HomePod Space Grey MQHW2B/A with Apple warrantyApple HomePod Space Grey MQHW2B/A with Apple warranty

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The space grey Apple HomePod is a wireless music speaker, a smart home hub, and a Siri-enabled intelligent assistant all rolled into one device.

Packed with Apple-engineered audio technology, HomePod uses advanced software for real-time acoustic modeling, audio beamforming, echo cancellation, and more. Powered by the Apple A8 chip, the HomePod delivers a wide, spacious soundstage. Using spatial awareness to sense its location in the room, the HomePod automatically adjusts the audio to sound optimal wherever it's placed. The large Apple-designed woofer delivers deep, clean bass while the custom array of seven beamforming tweeters provide pure high frequency acoustics with directional control. The array of six microphones can pick up your "Hey Siri" from across the room, even when loud music is playing.

Paired with an Apple Music subscription (sold separately), the HomePod provides access to up to 45 million songs. It also learns preferences and tastes that are shared across devices. Using Siri to deliver deep knowledge of artists, songs, albums, and more, HomePod can handle advanced searches within Apple Music's catalog, so users can ask questions like, "Hey Siri, when was this song released?" or "Hey Siri, can you play something totally different?" to change the mood.

The HomePod is more than just a wireless speaker. It has Siri built-in so you can send messages, set timers and reminders, and check the weather all with just your voice. The latest business news, headlines, and sports updates stream directly to the HomePod from popular media sources. HomePod can also be used as a speakerphone with the Apple iPhone for a hands-free conversation.

With HomeKit support, HomePod can control multiple home devices and control a number of different accessories at the same time. HomePod can turn on the lights, raise the shades, set the desired temperature, and more. You can even enable remote access and automations for certain times of the day.

The HomePod features 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It is compatible with the iPhone 5s and later, iPad (5th gen) or later, iPad Pro, iPad Air or later, iPad mini 2 or later, or iPod touch (6th gen), running iOS 11.2.5 or later.

The Apple HomePod features:

- Apple-Designed Woofer
- Array of Seven Beamforming Tweeters
- Six-Microphone Array for Far-Field Voice
- Siri-Enabled Intelligent Assistant
- Apple A8 Chip
- Automatic Room-Sensing Technology
- 802.11ac Wi-Fi | Bluetooth 5.0
- Touch Surface
- Apple Music | iTunes | AirPlay
- iOS Compatible

The Apple HomePod includes:

- Apple HomePod

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