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Isabella Antonelli

Isabella Antonelli Photographer

Her first contact with photography began when she was very young, spending her days observing the world.

She moved to Barcelona from Rome at the beginning of the 90s, where she continued studying photography. Her first publications were in magazines, books, public events and sports events such as for FC Barcelona.

Specialising in advertising photography and communication, while investigating and developing an interest in photojournalism around the world, she says that it is the world that tell her its tales and her careful way of looking at the world is what enables her to pass them on to us.

She is currently expanding her work in advertising images and photojournalism, working for clients such as Chupa Chups, Cerveceria y Malteria Quilmes, Mondadori, Architetture D’arredo with Luca Calselli, Alpik, Shneider and Heineken.

She offers monthly photography workshops with the company Cookie box and in the Galeria 12 Gats photographic gallery.

She undertakes the organisational management of her gallery in Barcelona, Galeria 12 gats.

She worked on the Umbele Charity Calendar 2010 2011 and with the Telefonica Foundation

Advertising: Chupa Chups, Cervecería y Malteria Quilmes, Editorial Mondadori, Pikolinos and Heineken.




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Isabella Antonelli 1

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